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Download WWE Money in the bank free in HD

WWE Money in the bank free download in High quality

Best WWE Matches and Money In The Bank 2016 Full Show: For the individuals who are a lifelong devotee of WWE, these main 4 WWE Money In The Bank 2016 Full Show will take your breath away without a doubt. We have enrolled the best WWE matches and recordings ever in this post, only for you!
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WWE SummerSlam 2016 Results , Predictions & Winners

WWE SummerSlam 2016 Results are redesigned here live for all The Matches in SummerSlam 2016. Summerslam 2016 is a 4 hour occasion so sit tight and stay redesigned with the Results and keep in mind to revive the page in some time so you can stay overhauled. 

SummerSlam 2016 Match Card have as of now 10 matches on line with Two Main Events where on is between Seth Rollins (World Champion) versus John Cena (U.S. Champion) a Winner Takes all match where interestingly one champion will hold both World Champion and U.S. Champion belt in his grasp.

WWE SummerSlam 2016 Results

So this was an incredible match. These two truly gave it their everything. Then...there was an insecure consummation. Rather than a perfect win for Taker, which would at present have set up an elastic match (at Mania?), there was "debate." The timekeeper denounced any kind of authority and rang the ringer when he saw Taker's hand shaking (or tapping) and took matters into his own hands. Charles Robinson didn't see it however and restarted the match.

From that point we got a nut shot and a Hell's Gate. What's more, Lesnar resistant giving the finger before he went out. Taker won and Paul was pissed. I assume this was all done to ensure Lesnar, however I don't think anybody would have considered less him for losing the match clean - however they wound up paying off each one of those dick kicks Taker was handing out amid the development to 'Hammer.

Wwe Summerslam 2016 Results

Given the match, which was freakin' awesome generally, individuals would have completely become tied up with Brock losing. Also, it'd have been alright. At any rate, we got stayed with this hinkey, polarizing completion and it is the thing that it is. Still doesn't retroactively change the way that these two gave us helluva session. The match they ought to have possessed the capacity to have at 'Craziness if Taker hadn't gotten his chime rung early. Brock drained. Taker took a F-5 through a table. Things were going splendidly.Then...

In addition to the fact that it would be marvelous in the event that we discovered that Stewart and Rollins have been cooperating from the very begin, yet they plainly settled, amid Stewart's bit with Heyman, that Jon detests seeing group - fans who've paid great cash - get let down when the wrong person wins. He loathed the streak being broken and he would not remain by and watch Cena take out Rollins.

wwe summerslam 2016 matches

Furthermore, yes, a Cena win would have murdered the group in light of the fact that with this group, Rollins was wrestling as an unadulterated babyface. Furthermore, conveying the match truly (making a decent attempt on a couple events to avoid Cena's face as well). I'm listening to a major "Thank You Stewart!" serenade as I write this.

This match was worked to make Rollins look incredible. His counters. His lifting of Cena from a sitting position into his own AA. What's more, regardless of him winning filthy, it didn't make him any to a lesser extent a legend. That is to say, notwithstanding wearing that all white rigging (Power Ranger, Gold/White-Black/Blue dress jokes, and so forth) didn't hurt him.
The sooner you can lift Ryback up and out of this Big Show/Miz mess the better. Also, I'm no enthusiast of Ryback's. I simply need better for the IC Title and that implies I'd like to see him ascend and get take an interest in some significant matches. This fight has been a major no man's land throughout recent months. What's more, Ryback's damage just appears to have delayed the anguish, making level TV sections and a tremendous emanation of unresponsiveness. 

So this one was fine and short. Also, not by any stretch of the imagination worth the consideration. Miz could have "stolen" one here as despite everything he holds a ton of worth as a heel "mouth" yet should keep it on Ryback and not slash his knees out just yet. Brilliant side? Enormous Show lost.

wwe summerslam 2016 download

Alright, so...that was fine. That is to say, well done from these four of course. Indeed, even with the entire "Roman's Sleeping!" serenade indicating exactly to what extent Reigns had been lying on the ground while Ambrose was stuck in an unfortunate situation.
Still, we've observed all these folks wrestle on Smackdown for as far back as four weeks. Nothing was prominently diverse here from anything we found ahead of the pack up. There were gossipy tidbits that Ambrose may turn heel. On the other hand Reigns even (which is long past due). Be that as it may, things simply played out standardly, which was, at last, this present match's greatest sin. We've seen these folks conflict such a large number of times that this one expected to emerge. It should have been not quite the same as everything that is preceded it. Also, it wasn't. Had a feeling that a very much worked house show match. 

Wwe Extreme Rules 2016 Full show

Notwithstanding everybody truly just thinking about two groups in this Fatal Fourway Tag Match, the group got waaaay into this one. New Day are route over with the heel-inclining Barclays group and this one conveyed. I was truly stirred to see New Day win too since I sense that it's been quite a while since the label belts have really been exchanged forward and backward in a warmed competition. What's more, let's be realistic, observing New Day celebrate is the best. THE BEST! 

The Lucha Dragons and the Matadores were there to include all the more flying bodies (and to assume the pinfall misfortune so PTP have an "out") however nobody disliked this one for being somewhat messed. Fun match, hot group.

This was an odd match considering that both these folks required a win, yet Owens, who lost to Balor at NXT TakeOver, truly couldn't assume a second misfortune. At last, I would have approved of either fellow winning. Additionally, I'd simply truly get a kick out of the chance to realize that there was an arrangement set up for both of the going ahead and afterward they won't keep on being placed in deadlock experiences.

wwe summerslam 2015 predictions

Having said that however, this one went well beyond what one may think you'd get from a match booked to go on just before Taker/Lesnar. This was the "last lavatory break" space and these two conveyed an awesome one. Their science is irrefutable and - yes - it was cool to see somebody tumble to the Pop Up Powerbomb. Furthermore, to not have Owens leave a match. On the other hand endure any of the moronic stuff they've made him do since the time that he lost to Cena the second time. 

Hey, I loved Becky winning. That was a decent little contort, I assume. In the event that I needed to pick another lady going here, assumedly on to confront Nikki, I would have picked Charlotte. Unless Nikki should fight off the principal contender and Becky's presently a sheep off to the butcher.

Generally however, this was only a major let down when contrasted with the previous evening's incredible Bayley versus Shasha matchup. A session that was loaded with feeling and enthusiasm. Where a lot was on the line and each move mattered and the narrating was on point. Here, at SummerSlam, the match was simply more. It was never clarified, precisely, what any of these ladies are battling for. Particularly since Nikki hasn't protected that title in a long time. So at last it just felt like the win here was for boasting rights. What's more, since each of these three groups simply exchange wins and misfortunes on TV with little result, this one felt unfilled.

Also, yes, it was a huge bummer to see Sasha get taken out so early. What's more, yes, that "If Your Partner Gets Pinned, You All Leave" guideline feels like one of those wonky young lady match rules. Which ought to have no spot in an "unrest."

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Wwe Royal Rumble 2016 Full Show Download in HD

WWe Royal rumbles Full Video Free Download

Wwe Royal Rumble Full Show
Wwe Royal Rumble Full Show
Best WWE Matches and Royal Rumble 2016 Full Show: For the individuals who are a lifelong aficionado of WWE, these main 4 WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Full Show will knock your socks off without a doubt. We have enrolled the best WWE matches and recordings ever in this post, only for you! As we as a whole
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realize that WWE Royal Rumble 2016 is good to go to shake the stage this January, the fans are super eager to remember the minutes again just before the begin of the greatest WWE occasion ever! Detecting the hour of need, we are here to give you the best WWE recordings ever.
Wwe Extreme rules full show 2016
So how about we begin the commencement now, I see that you are exceptionally eager to see the main 4 WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Full Show without a doubt. Is it accurate to say that it isn't? So we should see them.

Lish of Royal Rumble Full show

WWE have chosen that the Royal Rumble 2016 will happen on ... the Rumble would begin at 8pmET, unless they make it a four hour appear.

The Royal Rumble Great intro Full Show

WWE Royal thunder 2016 champs WWE Royal thunder 2016 rundown of all victors are accessible here and we are giving you the stage to perform on the things accessible here, there are lit of challenge with respect to victors you can partake in that and can win energizing prizes thus that you will have the capacity to watch the weight taking matches and there are parcel of power on the matches that will be played in WWE Royal thunder 2016.
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 So till then continue perusing the posts and observe our site consistently to watch out for WWE Royal thunder 2016.


We trust that you may delighted in by the viewing the Great Royal Rumble Full Show and Leave a remark to enhance our self to give the best substance like this WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Full Show.

The Great Royal rumble full show download  

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 is the up coming pay-per-view (PPV) event which will be conveyed by WWE.Extreme Rules 2016 which is going to happen on May 22,2016 at Rosemont, Illinois.This will be the 29th event under the Extreme Rules 2016 request and it will in like manner be the First pay-per-view(PPV) by wwe in 2016.Extreme Rules 2016 is a specialist wrestling event which is made every year in the month of May by WWE. The foremost Extreme Rules 2016 match, which included 20 wrestlers rather than the common 30, was won by Jim Duggan. The event's guideline highlight is an idea on an Extreme Rules 2016 match, entitled as Extreme Rules 2016.

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[*HD*] WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Full Show Download HD

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Video Download

Best WWE Extreme Rules Free video Download:

Hello buddies we are here to provide you the free download of the WWE Extreme rules 2016 video in HD print. You can also watch the video by downloading it in the high quality.All these matches are marked as the best downloaded matches of all the time. Here you go with the download.

As we know that the extreme rules is one of the most important event that is taking place on the month of may 22. All the fans are very much eager towards the show to be released and they are expecting the biggest moments of the great WWE match.
Extreme Rules 2016 Free Download
WWE Extreme rules 2016 is the fifth annual event sponsored by the WWE and it is a PPV event. The date in which it is going to take place is on May 22 2016 at Newark, New Jersey. It is the 7th extreme rules event. This time it is estimated that this extreme rules event could break the previous record of the WWE events.

This event is going to be different from the previous results and also there will be no elimination in this match which is upcoming one. It helps to download extreme rules 2016 full show. There will be no more restarting the match to decide the result. Now the roman reigns, AJ styles who is now the WWE World heavy weight championship and extreme rules match to decide all.

In the last time the match has to be restarted many time between the shane and Stephanie McMahon and at last the reigns was able to get the title and win the match. This was really a hard victory that was able to download the extreme rules download 2016. 

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Extreme Rules 2016 Full Match Download

Here we have given the download of videos in different formats for you easy to download.

Full show extreme rules free download:

Extreme rules download: You might have reached this site in the spirit of searching the download of the extreme rules videos which are very easy to download and you have to have a very little bandwidth to download it.

Not only in low quality downloads you can also download the extreme rules 2016 videos in different formats such as 3GP, mp4, mov etc. Watch out for the new episodes of the extreme rules for download.

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{*Exclusive*] WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Results, Winner List and Match list

Wwe Extreme Rules 2016 Results

Wwe Extreme rules 2016 22-5-2016 Timing is 6:00 pm (nearby) on TenSports. After Finish the Live Show of Wwe Extreme rules 2016  the show will Telecast on TenSports-Monday 2 May, 2016. All the Fans of WWE Don't Miss this extremely uncommon Sunday Main Event Show Wwe Extreme rules 2016 1 May All Matches. You can watch this show Live in the wake of getting the ticket on Venue – Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL and on WWE Network and TV Live at timing 8 PMET/5 PMPT. Observe Live Streaming of Wwe Extreme rules 2016 on WWE Network or different Channels. 
WWE Extreme Rules Results
Like past WWE pay-per-sees, the WWE is giving a commencement, politeness to the individuals who don't have a paid membership to the WWE Network. One hour before the extraordinary occasion at 7/4 p.m. ET/PT, Wwe Extreme rules 2016 Kickoff will occur, which will incorporate a board of WWE identities and observers examining the matches in Wwe Extreme rules 2016  That, as well as there will be two matches that happen right now. Dolph Ziggler versus Baron Corbin in a singles match and Kalisto versus Ryback in a singles match for the WWE United States Championship. It can be seen on the WWE Network, as well as on WWE's legitimate site, WWE App, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest.

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Wwe Extreme Rules 2016 Results:

WWE Extreme Rules Full Show
With respect to the principle card itself, the accompanying match card appeared beneath is what is given right now, and can change for any reason. The Inquisitr will overhaul this article with the most recent results as they get to be accessible live yet concerning a summary, it will be completely upgraded after the occasion is finished. Likewise, since the Wwe Extreme rules 2016 Kickoff is actually allowed to-watch, results for its two matches won't be incorporated underneath.

Wwe Extreme rules 2016 Result-Winner-1 May-All Matches-Video

All the WWE Fans can watch this full show Live on WWE Network after Sign Up record. In the first place Months Free for you and from Second Months You need to Pay Per View. You can likewise check here Wwe Extreme rules 2016 All Matches Prediction

All the battles of this show are exceptionally diverting like a No. title match WWE World Heavy Weight Championship Between Roman Reigns VS AJ Styles. This match is likewise extremely pleasant in light of the fact that AJ Styles and Roman Reins both are exceptionally solid wrestlers of WWE. In any case, all the aficionados of WWE dependably need Roman Reigns ought to win the Match. Roman Reigns has huge rundown of liker and his interest in WWE is high.
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There are immense no. of fans likewise of AJ Style however Infront of Roman Reigns, AJ Styles is not a major star in Fan's Eyes. This match is truly extremely intriguing. Subsequent to duping and aggravating Roman Reigns, he did't lose the match. Toward the end Roman Reigns Win the Match
Senior member Ambrose VS Chris Jericho Wwe Extreme rules 2016

Download Extreme rules 2016 Video

Senior member Ambrose and Chris Jericho are likewise solid contenders of WWE. Nowadays Dean Ambrose is a youthful, solid and requested Wrestler of WWE. Infront of Y2J Ambrose Demand is high in WWE and his liker additionally high than Chris Jericho. All the devotees of WWE dependably need Dean Ambrose ought to win this match. Check>>Dean Ambrose VS Chris JerichoWwe Extreme rules 2016
Senior member Ambrose beat Chris Jericho awful in Wwe Extreme rules 2016  Jericho likewise beat Ambrose. Be that as it may, toward the deciding result is extremely alluring. Senior member Ambrose won the Match.

Wwe Extreme Rules 2016 & Match Prediction and Preview

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens both are enormous foe of each other. They are exceptionally eager to battle in Wwe Extreme rules 2016 for requital. Both are solid warriors of WWE. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn both interest are same. In the wake of watching the Match we can say Kevin Owens is truly a decent contender.

Before Wwe Extreme rules 2016 The Miz was WWE Intercontinental Champion. However, now we get another Intercontinental Champion Cesaro. He is truly exceptionally solid wrestler of WWE. He generally battle with full commitments and keen personality. This match was likewise truly exceptionally eye touching. Individuals adore this battle. Toward the end Cesaro won the Match.

{*LIVE*} WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Live Stream Online For Free

Official WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Live Stream Online 

Wwe Extreme Rules 2016 live stream Sunday night it's an ideal opportunity to authoritatively move along from WrestleMania season, as WWE will introduce their Wwe Extreme Rules PPV appear. The headliner match of the night will the principal pay-per-view WWE World Heavyweight Championship protection of Seth Rollins, who traded out his Money in the Bank contract at the greatest show of the year a month ago. In the headliner of the night he'll really be tackling the man that beat him before that night, Randy Orton, in a steel confine. Likewise, the other stipulation of this match is that Orton is banned from utilizing the RKO, making things substantially more fascinating.
Extreme Rules 2016 Free Download
There are significantly all the more energizing sessions on Sunday night other than the headliner, and here is a glance at the complete match card that we'll see. With WWE Payback now off the beaten path, consideration can swing to Wwe Extreme Rules's most "amazing" occasion of the year. I'm discussing course about WWE Extreme Rules, and whilst we may have left Payback as of now aware of present circumstances with respect to the headliner, whatever remains of the card started to come to fruition the previous evening on RAW.

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Watch Wwe Extreme Rules 2016 Lives Stream From Here

Wwe Extreme Rules 2016 Alongside Roman Reigns and AJ Styles conflicting for the WWE World Championship in an Wwe Extreme Rules 2016 coordinate (a decision that has neither rhyme nor reason considering the outside impedance in the Payback match and Wwe Extreme Rules 2016), three other title matches were inked onto the card the previous evening. After Enzo Amore's damage at Payback it appeared to be inescapable that the Vaudevillains would move into the #1 contenders spot for the label group titles, and their title shot against The New Day has been affirmed for the May 22nd occasion.

Natalya will get a rematch against Charlotte for the Women's Championship, just this time the match will be challenged under Submission match rules. The pendulum has swung further toward Lady Neidhart with the decision that Papa Ric Flair will be banned from ringside.Wwe Extreme Rules 2016 Will Charlotte at last get hers? Rusev was the last man remaining in a fight regal to decide the #1 contender to the United States Championship, and in that capacity will tackle champion Kalisto at Extreme Rules. I say this current, it's no doubt that Rusev will challenge Kalisto for the title on the Wwe Extreme Rules 2016 pre-appear.
WWE Extreme Rules 2016
There are a lot of other reputed matches for the appear, including what appears like an unavoidable four-route for the Intercontinental Championship that would see champion The Miz shield against Cesaro, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Expect Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin to go at it again as well, alongside some type of fight to keep Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and the Usos occupied WWE's yearly Extreme Rules pay-per-perspective will come up quick on May 22nd keeping in mind the organization has made a reputation out of holding up until the last moment to settle numerous cards over the previous year, this time around, a great majority of the occasion is by all accounts set up in only one week.

To get an early point of view of what should go down at the occasion, we should investigate at the course Wwe Extreme Rules is by all accounts running with the quarrels that will be set up for the appear.

Watch Wwe Extreme Rules 2016 Live Stream on online

Before Payback had even completely finished up, the headliner for Extreme Rules was set up with a suitably named Extreme Rules match for the Wwe Extreme Rules 2016  World Heavyweight Championship. Roman Reigns will shield his title against AJ Styles afresh, which bodes well, seeing as how Styles won two out of three of their matches at Payback.

Some may contend this ought to have been a 2-out-of-3-falls match, however I can't submit to that logic.  Wwe Extreme Rules 2016 Styles and Reigns functioned admirably together, yet I don't believe Wwe Extreme Rules 2016  stipulation would be helpful for a superior match than a road battle. Styles doesn't have quite a bit of an opportunity to win, however it ought to at any rate be fun watching Wwe Extreme Rules 2016  fight it out.
Extreme Rules 2016 Live Stream
Perhaps I'm in the minority, however I both couldn't care less about  Wwe Extreme Rules 2016  quarrel in the scarcest piece, and also imagine that this match will be superior to what happened at Wwe Extreme Rules 2016   Regardless of Bret Hart being one of my top picks ever, I had no eagerness for seeing him after the meetings where he expressed that he basically would not like to be there, and the entire screwjob complete left me feeling sharp about it all. A rematch is not something I'm longing for, but rather at any rate we'll get a break from Ric Flair being ringside and the stipulation is marginally (but ever-so) from what we regularly see, so I think it will have a higher quality return similarly as the in-ring activity goes. The Wwe Extreme Rules 2016  result will be pretty much as unsurprising, however, as Charlotte unmistakably holds.
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Watch Wwe Extreme Rules 2016 Live Stream on Online:

After the circumstance with Enzo Amore's harm, it was a done arrangement that The Vaude villains would be the #1 contenders to The New Day's title belts. Myself and numerous others actually expected the heels would have won that match in any case, so I question this will wind up straying far (if by any means) from the way Wwe Extreme Rules 2016  initially proposed to go down. The Vaudevillains are peculiar and could benefit some stuff with The New Day, however they won't win those titles.

Simon Gotch and Aiden English have a sufficiently peculiar trick are still sufficiently crisp to the gathering of people that they haven't completely gotten over with some group, so it looks bad to put the titles on them and to overlook something as prominent as The New Day. At the point when the time wants Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods to protect those belts against Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, however, that will be an alternate story.
WWE Extreme Rules Predictions

WWE Extreme rules Hd Video Free download

At the point when Kevin Owens announced his goals to get once more into the Intercontinental Championship chase, the possibility of a Fatal 4-Way was quickly springing to mind. This is a superior choice than to simply have rematches between Cesaro/The Miz and Owens/Sami Zayn, or to switch move accomplices and pair Cesaro up with Owens and for Zayn to get a title shot against The Miz. I'm certain that will happen on the Raw and Smack Down scenes paving the way to and taking after WWE Extreme Rules 2016

Additionally label group matches et cetera, however such is the situation when working to a Fatal 4-Way. These folks convey something other than what's expected to the table and altogether diverse energies, so I wouldn't be stunned at all on the off chance that this was the show staler of the night. It additionally is a situation where The Miz can hold while not looking the most grounded, so my cash is on him.

[*Complete List*] WWE Extreme rules 2016 results updated

WWE Extreme rules 2016 results

WWE Extreme rules 2016 is one of the biggest and grand Finale of WWE, This is because that it will decides the World Heavy Weight Championship that who gonna grab that name. And here you can get the WWE Extreme rules 2016.

WWE Extreme rules 2016 Results – May 22, 2016:

The Extreme rules 2016 pay per view and Extreme rules  results 2016 will be played on may 22nd at Amway Center, Orlando in Florida. And most surprisingly, Florida will be hosting the biggest WWE Extreme rules 2016 event for the 31 time in the history of WWE.
Extreme Rules 2016 
We’re back live in Amway Center as Michael Cole welcomes us to Extreme rules 2016 results. Cole says we’re sold out. We will see the WWE Intercontinental Title hanging above the ring and ladders set up everywhere.

Extreme rules 2016 results

The Beast Brock Lesner Defeats the Undertaker and break the Undefeated streak for the first time in 21 years at Extreme rules 2016 results.

Confirmed names so far, 17 spots remain open for tonight:

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns
  • Brock Lesnar
  • Sheamus
  • Chris Jericho
  • Stardust
  • Bray Wyatt
  • Erick Rowan
  • Luke Harper
  • Braun Strowman
  • Dolph Ziggler
  • Ryback
  • Big Show
  • Curtis Axel

WWE extreme rules 2016 Results and Winner Details:

WWE Extreme rules 2016 Intercontinental Championship - Last Man Standing Match

Click Here to See : Extreme rules 2016 Full Show and Download

WWE Extreme rules 2016 Matches:

Since the Royal Rumble is in the read view reflect and 'Fast track' is in our sights, it gives the idea that the card for 'Extreme rules 2016′ is beginning to come to fruition.

Despite the fact that the card is beginning to figure a bit, there are still a lot of inquiries with respect to the epic occasion that is relied upon to smash participation records (among numerous others) when it happens at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on April third, 2016.

The same number of as of now expect the headliner will see WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H square off against Roman Reigns who will everything except positively leave his 'Fast track' triple-danger fight with Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar as successful.

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Extreme rules 2016 full match list

As demonstrated at the Royal Rumble, Lesnar will work to a confrontation with Bray Wyatt at Extreme rules 2016. While it's not incomprehensible that the match could advance to incorporated alternate individuals from the Wyatt family tackling Lesnar and some other hotshot partners, that thought is far-fetched, best case scenario. A debilitation match setting a few or the greater part of the Wyatts against Lesnar is likewise on the table right now.

As we saw on Monday Night RAW, Lesnar as of now has his sights set on avenging his Royal Rumble 'screw work' on account of Bray Wyatt and organization.

Plans for the Intercontinental Championship could begin to develop in the coming weeks and it creates the impression that Dean Ambrose, who is not guarding the gold at 'Fast track' will stroll into 'Extreme rules 2016 Results′ as the champion. There is some theory that another stepping stool match could be likely to work out, setting Ambrose against a few geniuses at the same time.

Extreme rules 2016 Results barely 4 months away, there still doesn't appear to be any solid imaginative plans or matches set? Around this time, heading into the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, we normally have a thought of the general bearing that Vince McMahon and the WWE are heading in. In any case, with the damage to the previous WWE Champion Seth Rollins, WWE have appeared to scrap every single imaginative arrangement that were set for their greatest occasion of the year, and appear to be beginning without any preparation.

Of late, it appears that results has taken after a specific recipe. Every year we get the arrival of the low maintenance, huge name WWE star, Triple H dependably pencils himself in for a major marquee match, and we generally foresee the reemergence of The Undertaker. The occasion itself is constantly highlighted by one genuinely epic minute, whether it's Daniel Bryan winning the WWE Championship, remaining amidst the ring in the midst of the "Yes" serenades, or Seth Rollins running down and turning into the main wrestler to trade out his Money In The Bank contract at results.

WWE Extreme Rules Results:

While we all need to do our dream booking, and would love to see one final match with The Texas Rattlesnake Steve Austin, or a Brock versus Rock matchup, or Sting versus The Undertaker (both matches which have been supposed now throughout the previous couple of years), reality begins to set in. Top names like Daniel Bryan and Sting are not restoratively cleared to contend by the WWE, The Rock can't contend because of protection issues with film parts he has effectively marked on for, and Austin keeps on guaranteeing he's had his last match in the ring.
Aslo check : wwe extreme ruels 2016 video download

WWE will do it's best to guarantee that Extreme rules 2016 is the greatest occasion ever, and huge names like Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, The Rock, Daniel Bryan, DX, NWO, and so forth will in all probability all show up at the appear. Be that as it may, we won't see any of them contending in matches at 'Insanity.

Here is the thing that the WWE will do in the coming weeks to set up for the main 6 matches/minutes for Extreme rules 2016 results.